We never go backwards!

Updated: May 6

There are times when we feel like we take 2 steps forward, 3 steps back...

Just when we think we've got it all figured out and can relax, we have another fall!

We may feel like we’ve forgotten everything we’ve grown through and are back in a pit of being confused, low, exhausted &/or anxious...

We think, what is the point of even trying!

Here’s the thing… Going backwards is NOT a possibility, we NEVER go backwards. What we do however, is revisit old stuff that still needs some clearing out. Old beliefs that need further dissolving.

This is not to say that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at times, but we ‘will’ come through it… clearer & wiser (to varying degrees) 'every time!'.

Think of it as removing a plaster (band aid).. During these confusing points, it’s time to surrender even more to what ‘is’, to look after the self & rest if the body is asking for that.

Giving ourself permission to just be and not need to figure anything out.

Any trying to get in there and get ‘out’ of it just pulls us further into the confusion anyway so let’s let ourselves off the hook.

Check it out next time it happens, how do we feel once clarity resumes?

We could feel...






Or simply relieved.

Remember, we never go backwards. We are simply in the process of seeing deeper truths and yes in the midst of this, it can look and feel messy.

With Love ❤️

Feel free to try ‘Rest in the mess’ ~ a 25 minute meditation…


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