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Updated: Jul 23

Every situation, trigger and emotional disturbance is taking you deeper toward your True Self should you choose to embrace this.

As soon as we enter this body, we are bombarded with conditioning and beliefs. This comes from all angles ~ Parents, family, surroundings, teachers and so on...

Self Realisation (often referred to as awakening or enlightenment) is not the end BUT the start of the seeing of this ~ Many, upon awakening, touch/see/feel the essence of their True Self in deep ways ~ through an IN-sight (INner seeing) or series of.

They see that in actual fact there is NOTHING wrong with them ~ there never was and there never will be!

This transition can be smooth. You see it and you now start to live it.

However for many whom have had many apparent traumas and/or difficult life circumstances, a “process” of uncovering begins. It is important to know this as EGO mind can have a field day and cause great suffering & deep pain.

EVERY uncomfortable trigger from the outside, from other people or situations is a gift invitating you to look deeper at what is going on. You know this isn’t your True Self so what is actually happening?...

Why are we still suffering? still triggered? angered? and so on?... Even after this deep seeing of our True Nature?

The reason for this is so we can take a step back and look at the Self ~ and this Self is not this body/mind but the Infinite Awareness that YOU truly are... There is still a peeling away of layers that are needed to be dissolved in order to unveil the True SELF fully ~ The true ‘YOU’. The You who IS made of Pure Love energy.

An example... Does it feel nice to be angry at another? We all know that it doesn’t. Is it the “others” fault or are they a gift in showing us what hidden conditioned beliefs are still withIN?...

IF we are perfect exactly as we are, if YOU are THIS pure essence ~ there can be nothing to be angry at?... However the conditioning can be very deeply rooted, after all it’s taken years of building! and the beliefs are fixed so tightly that we often cannot see this. As it’s all we’ve ever known!

Awakening to our TRUE nature CAN be a swift and beautiful life changing experience, however for many of us it can be a deeply painful, confusing and often long road... or perhaps there are simply some beliefs left to dissolve.

It is important to recognise that there is NO path. We are already Home. We are already made of Pure Love energy, however we cannot run away from the apparent journey to “return” to our True Self.

And there is nothing more important than THIS.

The deeper we recognise this truth and have complete TRUST in this journey ~ as well as having a gentle process ~ this IS the wisest and most beneficial way THROUGH.

Jolene O'Brien.

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