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April 23, 2020 ~ I was woken by my sisters dog crying outside my bedroom door. My eyes opened sleepily and I noticed the time was 3:33am.

At first I was little annoyed at being woken but then I heard the words from within... "I got chills, they’re multiplying'... a shiver ran through me.

I instantly recognised this as a song from the movie ‘Grease’… Soon after checking on the dog, I fell back to sleep.

Later on I checked out the video and the lyrics and recognised what I was being shown!

The movie Grease shows a group of teenagers in High School and focuses on one particular boy & girl ~ Danny (played by John Travolta) & Sandy (played by Olivia Newton-John).

They’d had a brief summer romance in the school holidays and were now back at school.

Danny hadn’t realised that Sandy would be a new girl at his school and was shocked to see her there. However instead of showing himself in the loving way that he’d been during their time together, he was now full of bravado.

It became apparent that they were in fact very different people. Sandy being a clean cut pure Australian girl while Danny was the leader of the school gang (The T birds) wearing a leather jacket, smoking and racing fast cars.

Sandy was heartbroken when Danny, trying to keep up a pretence to his friends, spoke badly to her and later tries to move on into a relationship with a clean cut American boy from the school sports team, however her heart was constantly reminded of Danny and he was shown throughout the movie regretting how he'd treated her, yet also in conflict over keeping up appearances with his friends.

By the end of the movie both Danny and Sandy had decided that if they wanted to be in a relationship with each other that they’d need to change.

Danny decided to drop his gang, hang up his leather jacket and become more clean cut, whilst Sandy became less of a squeaky clean “doormat” and more confident and in control.

When Danny revealed his new clean-cut image to his friends they were shocked and also quite upset that he was leaving the gang. A line he spoke, stood out to me here…

“You guys can’t follow a leader all your life” ~ Because you see, the most knowing Spiritual guide will lead you toward your ‘Self’ knowing there is no hierarchy.

The end scene shows Danny and Sandy singing the song ‘You’re the one that I want’:

I got chills

They're multiplying

And I'm losing control

'Cause the power you're supplying

It's electrifying!

You better shape up

'Cause I need a man

And my heart is set on you

You better shape up

You better understand

To my heart I must be true

Nothing left

Nothing left for me to do.

You're the one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, honey

The one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, honey

The one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, the one I need

Oh, yes, indeed.

If you're filled

With affection

You're too shy to convey

Meditate in my direction

Feel your way.

I better shape up

'Cause you need a man

I need a man

Who can keep me satisfied

I better shape up

If I'm gonna prove

You better prove

That my faith is justified

Are you sure?

Yes I'm sure down deep inside.

You're the one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, honey

The one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, honey

The one that I want

Oo-oo-oo, the one I need

Oh, yes, indeed.

Every lyric in this song stood out to me but I’ve highlighted some significant points below.

‘And I'm losing control’ ~ points to the fact that we (the body/mind) are not in control here, yet the ego identity believes so. Once we see through this there is a relaxing of whatever and however life shows up and we recognise that all is perfectly divine. Suffering comes when we try to manipulate and control outcomes.

‘To my heart I must be true’ ~ this signifies that the ‘heart’ rather than the ‘head’ is where the True Self is found.

‘Meditate in my direction, feel your way’ signifies the benefits of Meditation in order to 'assist' our process.

(Meditation, just like any tool is not necessary, however it certainly helped me and I now use intuitively guided meditation along with Insight to assist others to remember this too).

‘You're the one that I want’ ~ is the Self calling back the Self. The self wants to recognise that the one 'it' wants is SELF-Love - SELF-Realisation.

The significance of the changes that Danny & Sandy made at the end of the movie points to the masculine and feminine aspects in each of these two beings. The balancing of the Yin/Yang within. This balance can (let’s say) become ‘out of whack’ due to life’s conditioning.

Throughout his life Danny had been conditioned with the belief of having to put on a front, to be ‘manly’ and to not show emotion or love in fear of being ridiculed.

Equally out of balance, Sandy had been conditioned to be a ‘good girl’, to be squeaky clean. This also did not reflect the True Self.

Each had 'helped' the other to see this within and a balance was created ~ this shows that ‘relationship’ is assisting our process by reflecting back to us all that we are 'not'.

In the final scene, we see Danny following Sandy around a fairground funhouse, this not only reflects that we had forgotten that we are here to enjoy this lifes journey but also acknowledges that Danny was now following his True Self/his heart/the Devine Feminine within and not running away through fear of what he was losing a grip of (lifes conditioning/the ego).

‘Running away’ is shown throughout this movie at several points because following the hearts calling can often seem like a scary/fearful path as it means leaving behind the old conditioned beliefs. This is also reflected on a very clear sign saying 'Danger Ahead' in the fun house and a little later when they end up in the 'shake shack’ reflects the 'shaking up' and changes that are being made within.

At the very end of the movie, the pair are in the car together when it starts to ascend into the sky. This shows the rising to the heart centre, which is where heaven on earth is remembered.

There are many signs, including ‘flames’ throughout the movie. You will see in some of my other blogs that this is not to romanticise Spiritual terms such as ‘Twin-Flame’ relationships, because this label is often taken out of context and can often cause confusion.

It is important to remember that the ultimate journey is to RE-discover the True Self by seeing through the conditioned ‘ego’ mind and to remember the heart centre.

Relationships are here to reflect this back to us, but it does not necessarily or always mean that we need a romantic relationship to do this ~ any and all relationships are pointing the way (parents, siblings, our children, pets, neighbours and so on!).

The next time a song pops into your head or you hear a song that stands out to you, have a google of the Lyrics and see if you can spot a deeper meaning ;)

“The one you are looking for, is where you are looking from”

With Love ~ Jolene 💫


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