Effortless Freedom.

Updated: Jun 19

There must be a willingness and a deep wanting to rid ourselves of negative emotion.

For most this isn’t going to happen overnight because it’s been such a big part of who we are for so long.

The willingness is a great first step, then it’s a matter of awareness when those old patterns emerge.

This is never about suppression, it is about witnessing, utter acceptance & allowing.

We are not permitting ourself to get caught up in the old way of being any longer.

The mind will try to get involved by bringing up stories or trying to fix something.

But the mind will just whizz things up further, so we be the curious witness to this.

Allowing the mind to do its thing but simply watching it pass and not getting caught up in its pull.

The more we do this, the less control the negatives such as anger, guilt, jealousy, fear and so on have over us and they come with less intensity and frequency.

We are starting to observe rather than react.

Watching, witnessing, observing.

“Getting back on the horse” anytime we fall.

Over time, our whole way of being changes and eventually positives replace the negatives…

Effort free!


Allowing all to melt back into Silence.

It all depends how much we are willing to risk illusion and stories for Peace & Love.


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