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My good friend Philip Wade recently made a live insight video which he named ‘A New World Symphony’ and it literally cracked my heart open so wide... Tears of awe and gratitude fell as I listened.

Philip mentioned an advert which was on TV in the UK in the 70’s. The advert was for the bread company ‘Hovis’.

On listening, I was instantly transported right back to childhood. With this tune playing in my mind, I was taken to such a warm, comforting and homely place in my heart 🙏🏻

As a child my mum would buy the mini version of Hovis bread loaves for me because she knows I love anything cute & little. I can still smell the bread now and taste the comforting warmth after it had been in the oven for a short time and then topped with real butter... A feeling of inner peace washed over me.

Philip mentioned that after this tune had come back into his consciousness, he had googled it and amazingly discovered that it was named ‘New World Symphony’.

After listening to the talk I also had a Google and listened to the song again. As Philip mentions, in the advertisement it shows a young boy pushing a bike up a hill ~ aptly named ‘Golden Hill’ 💫💫💫

I discovered that one of the original composers students had later put words to this melody and named the song ‘Goin' Home’...

I instantly new what this was showing me!

The original melody has been referred to as the ‘yearning melody’ and the ‘longing melody’ and is said to have been created from a kind of nostalgic feeling from the composer ‘Dvorak’ after finding himself feeling lonely in America and longing to go back to his European roots... To his home.

Here are the Lyrics to ‘Goin’ home’...

Going home, going home

I'm just going home

Quiet light, some still day

I'm just going home

It's not far, just close by

Through an open door

Work all done, care laid by

Going to fear no more

Mother's there expecting me

Father's waiting, too

Lots of folk gathered there

All the friends I knew

All the friends I knew

I'm going home

Nothing's lost, all's gain

No more fret nor pain

No more stumbling on the way

No more longing for the day

Going to roam no more

Morning star lights the way

Restless dream all done

Shadows gone, break of day

Real life begun

There's no break, there's no end

Just a living on

Wide awake with a smile

Going on and on

Going home, going home

I'm just going home

It's not far, just close by

Through an open door

I am going home

I'm just going home

Going home, going home.


Why am I sharing all this?... Well...

The song ‘Goin’ home’ is at times played at funerals so it could be said that it is a song for those who have died and the lyrics certainly seem to show it this way...

After someone has died, we often say things like “they are at peace now”...

We can imagine that life’s suffering has melted away for them...

However, as I often say ‘Self Realisation’ is like a death or that we “die before we die”... BUT this is NOT a death of the body, it IS a returning home to the peace that resides within.

With a remembering that it has always been here.

This peace.

This Love.

We see that everything else is an illusion. A belief!

And here’s the most beautiful thing... This Love. This peace. It can be found here while we live... More accurately it can be ‘Remembered’ and we can have that peace whilst we still live THIS life.

This IS what I am talking about in ‘everything’ that I share. This IS what I assist others with. Because once it is Realised, there is nothing else to do but to share it with the world.

You may also have heard me say that there will be a calling from within to this…

…This is what I heard in the words that this melody was like a ‘yearning’ a ‘longing’...

All my life I knew there was something more and once it was Realised here, there was a RE-membering and a deep gratitude that it was here. Now 🙏 not found in some external event or circumstance.

It was the Realisation that we are already HOME.

There is so much in this story and song pointing to ‘Self Realisation’ as I’m sure you can see, such as these words:

“Work all done, care laid by, going to fear no more”.

In the Hovis advert there is a boy pushing his bike up ‘Golden Hill’ and after delivering the bread, he gets onto the bike, stretches out his legs and free-wheels home 💫 😉… The pointings cannot be any clearer!

I have found an absolutely beautiful version of the song ‘goin’ home’ performed by ‘Libera’:


Also, an extract from a 1-1 discussion. Dealing with emotional disturbances and gentle exploration around death (uploaded with the permission of the participant) ~ 1hr 10mins:


I would suggest you watch the 5 minute ‘deep listening’ video first (and regularly to assist your process):


Jolene O’Brien

(Written 22.12.20)

🙏🏻🍞💫🙏🏻 ~

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