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Updated: May 4

After posting a video of a recent 1-1 session, I was asked the following questions (extracted from an inbox message)…

>Do we really ‘not’ need to delve into the past?

>Are therapies really not needed?

>Is it really ‘this’ simple?

My reply:

The video I shared doesn’t delve into everything we spoke about over the 5 week sessions so can come across as dismissive in parts…

There is no problem here with therapies but ultimately they are stepping stones to the ultimate truth.

I went through many years of them too until I saw the truth and that was simply my path and may also be the path for others too.

If therapies are found and used this is simply part of the ‘pathless path’ toward the truth.

There are ‘no’ rights or wrongs. Everything is ultimately leading to ‘this’ that I share.

Although not imperative to Self Realisation, I lead meditation in conjunction with my guidance because:

#1 the meditations I lead come from an intuitive space within.

#2 out of all avenues, meditation is the most beneficial ‘stepping stone’ toward the inner seeing.

Some people are simply not ready for the ultimate truth (yet) but all ‘will’ get there, be it in this or another lifetime. Again this is absolutely ok. Therapies can be less scary to the conditioned mind until it is seen that they are merely stepping stones. Again this is ok.

The reason the past isn’t needed to be delved into is because the energetic charge of past trauma is already presenting itself and the awareness based witnessing process that I guide is ultimately all that is needed to dissolve this naturally.

Life is already presenting in front of us all that is needed to be faced. Be that via emotion, situation or even in some cases images and/or flash backs.

If I sense that an individual is deeply rooted in identity and suffering and are not ready for my guidance, I may suggest something else as a stepping stone before they feel they’d like to return to me (or a mixture of both).

Over the weekly sessions, I was very gentle and careful with the lady in the YT video and she still has deepenings to go through. I intuitively know where to go with individuals and would never suggest they give up therapies.

In the midst of our sessions, this particular lady had said that she felt called to drop therapies now she had seen my process working for herself and I’d made it clear that this has to come from her and to not make rash decisions until she’s clear on this. I could see that she was.

On the recording we simply had a chuckle about things because it was a light hearted call but this can be no laughing matter when one is in suffering (I know I’ve been through it).

Additionally, another example of a stepping stone toward this ultimate truth (amongst many) are “conspiracy theories”… These are here in order to awaken us to the fact that there is more to see, however these are to be faced and seen through as to what they truly are (simply another stepping stone) and NOT the ultimate truth, however one can (and many do) remain ‘stuck’ there (so to speak) which is simply another ego “trap”.

One that I was fortunate enough to see through relatively quickly.


Video mentioned:

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