My love, there’s only YOU.

Updated: May 4

Rather than viewing another with jealousy, what if they are a mirror of inspiration or an invitation for us to drop that which is not meant for us.

Rather than following the annoyance another brings, what if they are showing us what exists within us that isn’t helpful.

What if EVERY experience we have IS simply an INvitation to awaken us to the True Divine Self?

Wouldn’t we then treat it as a gift?

When we begin to see that there is ONLY YOU and only "this" ~ every experience is seen for the beloved mirror that it is and it makes no sense to fight outer experiences.

In fact there is then a deeper love to be seen for apparent ‘others’ or situations.

When we see that this was always the reason for our experiences and the whole point was always to return to the natural love that resides beyond the conditioned mind ~ everything we ever believed about life being a challenge flips upside down 🙃


With Love ~ Jolene 🌸💕


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