A small selection of beautiful testimonials...



This is the best/accurate description of self actualization/enlightenment I've come across 🙌🏻 Your words speak to my heart.....always. 

So grateful that our paths have crossed.


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Jolene, what you said just clicked, like the penny had dropped! I’ve listened to many spiritual leaders on-line and read some of their books, including Eckhart Tolle, and am familiar with the concepts.  
All of this had resonated with me but it was only when I listened to you talk that it all seemed so clear - an “aha” moment! It was as if all the stars were aligned - hearing the message many times by many people in different ways, coupled with my being open, receptive and “in the right place”, all created the right ingredients for this clarity and understanding in me.  

I am so deeply grateful to you 💕💕




I've been having weekly one to ones with Jolene and I just love the relationship we share. I met Jolene during one of the hardest times of my life and she has truly helped me through my struggles and the benefits are incredible




Jolene, thank you for sharing so much of your history with us. There was much resonance for me in your description, reminding me why people feel insecure in many situations they are presented with.

Love and compassion to all those out there, who wonder why they react in a negative way to situations.
You inspire me as always Jolene




I have found the weekly one-one sessions to be invaluable in assisting me on my journey and with my own understanding and growth. Jolene is very down to earth, which put me at ease and she is very knowledgeable and understanding. I have had so many insights and light bulb moments in these sessions. This delicate process needs to be at your own pace and Jolene is extremely gifted at knowing exactly how to proceed and how to help you with your own self awareness journey. I was given a gentle process to follow at home in-between sessions which suited my lifestyle. So much was gained from every session and she answered every question in a clear and concise way. I look forward to having more sessions in the future and to continue my self realisation journey under her calm and supportive guidance. I’m already booked in for my next one and was advised to have a couple of weeks break to allow integration. In-between the sessions I felt comfortable in messaging Jolene when I had some wobbly moments and she helped me to gain clarity in my confusion. I felt nothing was too much trouble. 

Thank you Kate




Had my 4th session and it was amazing as always. Jolene gives such comfort and peace about my journey to Self Realisation. The guidance she gives is so much appreciated. Anxiety melted away through our discussion and a short meditation at the end. I cannot thank you Jolene enough for all you are doing for me and everyone one of us who are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with and know you. Thank you for your patience and love. Looking forward to next week.