Jolene O'Brien

A journey towards



Jolene had her first memorable opening to the nature of The True Self at 4 years old.


Not having a clear understanding at that time of what this was, she refused to believe that we are meant to lead a life of suffering.


During many years on the path of seeking the meaning of TRUE happiness; there were profound Insights that arose from within.

Shortly after training as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, another deeply profound Spiritual Insight emerged. At 38 years old this gave her clarity on what she had witnessed as a child.


This shift not only completely changed her life but brought about deeper emotional challenges to be faced.


Having cleared these through a lengthy integration process, Jolene now combines the nature of Insight with the teaching of mindfulness to assist others in discovering the simplicity of leading a sustainable Peace-filled life in her own simplified and unique way.

In facing so many aspects of the Self-Realisation process (often referred to as Awakening or Enlightenment) ~ from deeply blissful states to confusion and painful emotional challenges, this has given her experiential Insight plus a deep compassion of not only what others face in their own journey but how to come through the unveiling of the True Self gently and smoothly into the deep endless peace and clarity that has always been here waiting to be Realised.


'A heart full of love knows nothing and needs nothing'.



This life is a divine orchestration. Without a thing out of place. Not a hair on your head, nor any situation.

Once fully open to this truth, most of or even all of the suffering falls away and life flows without constriction, force or resistance.

Stand firm in your knowing that whatever is here in this moment is divine even if you cannot see it 'right now'. For this IS the innate truth.

You may never know why some things happen and that is ok. Other past situations will one day be so clearly obvious in their divinity that the realisation will make you gasp!

EVERY challenge is inviting you inward to drop anything that is not of Love & to discover the greatest gift you will ever find. Your-True-SELF.

If it's here, It's Divine.




Coming soon…

The Course:


Prepare the body/mind ready for the journey to your True-Self.


Jolene has custom created a super easy to follow 6 week online course. (from the comfort of your own home). The course is yours to keep for life and if re-followed periodically will deepen your journey profoundly.



Calm the body/mind.

Stabilised mood/emotions.

Melt away anxiety and stress.

Increase positivity and joy.

Healthier relationships all round.

Promotes emotional health.

Anger reduction.

Lengthens attention span.

Helps control addictions.

Improved sleep.

Slowers age related memory problems.

Pain management.

Sustain your natural body weight.

Manifest a peace filled life.

Love & kindness to self and others naturally blossoms.

Jolene’s six week course will lead you through a simple and gentle process to not only calm the body-mind but to start opening you up to the nature of the True-Self.


It can be followed by anyone whether they are experiencing very difficult emotions to those who are looking for further clarity on their journey.