Jolene O'Brien

A journey to remember...



Hi friends, I had my first memorable opening to the nature of the True Self as a young child.


Not having a clear understanding at that time of what this truly was, I refused to believe that we are meant to lead a life of suffering.


During many years on the path of seeking the meaning of 'true' happiness, there were more deep Insights that arose from within.

Shortly after training as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, another profound Spiritual shift occurred. This gave me crystal clarity on what I had witnessed as a child.


This shift completely changed life as I knew it, but also brought about deeper emotional challenges to be faced.


Having cleared these through a lengthy integration process, I now combine the nature of Insight with the teaching of meditation and assist others to discover the simplicity of leading a sustainable Peace and Love filled life in a simplified and unique way.

In facing so many aspects of the Self-Realisation process (often referred to as Awakening or Enlightenment) ~ from deeply blissful states to confusion and painful emotional challenges, this has given me an experiential knowing plus a deep compassion of not only what others face in their own journey, but how to come through the unveiling of the True Self gently and smoothly into deep endless peace and clarity that has always been here waiting to be Remembered.

With Love ~ Jolene. 

'A heart full of love knows nothing and needs nothing'.